Independents Day

For a while now, independent bookmakers have feared dipping their toes into the digital waters. Some have lacked the confidence to take on the titans of the industry, while others have been deterred by the perceived cost associated with developing and launching an online product. But this approach is starting to put pressure on local bookies as their players migrate to rival operators that offer a multi-channel product and player experience.

FSB or not FSB – that is the question.

The coming together of the industry’s great and good at SBC’s inaugural Betting on Sports conference at Tower Bridge this week is an opportunity to discuss a huge number of topics. Among those on the agenda already are integrity and our relationship with sports, user engagement in the in-play environment, and the roles of virtuals, esports, and fantasy sports.

Back to Black

For many of us the day begins and ends with a look of Oddschecker, in an often vain attempt to hunt out the value and steal a march on the opposition. Such is the significance of the site, however, and so conscious of it are traders, that digging up those nuggets has become harder and harder in recent times. Thankfully, in horseracing at least, that may have changed this week with the launch of Black Type on the FSB platform.

Sportsbooks can’t afford to lose out on Euro 2016

England football fans are all too familiar with the sense of disappointment that follows their team’s ineffective performances at international football tournaments. But sportsbooks plotting their fortunes and those of the other 23 sides at next month’s Euro 2016 tournament in France cannot afford to take an early bath…